KaraseK 優質皇牌X系列 Sangiovese (桑嬌維塞)

KaraseK 優質皇牌X系列 Sangiovese (桑嬌維塞) - lifebuyhk

KaraseK 優質皇牌X系列 Sangiovese (桑嬌維塞)

定價 $443.00 售價 $372.00

KaraseK X系列來自24和36個月的法國和美國的橡木桶,保留最原始的西澳地中海風味。


KaraseK X系列 Sangiovese 的葡萄採摘於2013年,有著濃郁成熟的野櫻桃,熱帶漿果和香料的氣味,是一款非常優雅及複雜的葡萄酒,隱約還有西澳傳統的泥土味,微妙的咸香和柔順的單寧。




French and American Oak for 36 months

Rich red terra rossa style soil.  Mediterranean-maritime climate and restricted yields in the vineyard are ideal for Sangiovese producing a fresh and fruit medium-bodied wine which is evolving into its own distinctive Mediterranean-Australian style.

The 2013 Harvest produced grapes with rich ripe flavours of wild cherry, summer berries and savoury spice, evolving after time into a juicy, elegant wine with traditional Sangiovese earthy, savoury characters and chalky soft tannin.  This wine has not been filtered and may show sediment.

Country:  Australia

Alcohol:  13.5% vol

Content:  750ml

標籤: 澳洲 紅酒