Pure Origins 澳洲有機野花蜂蜜
Pure Origins 澳洲有機野花蜂蜜

Pure Origins 澳洲有機野花蜂蜜

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Pure Origins有機野花蜂蜜從無數的澳大利亞本土花蜜中收集的。 蜂蜜是一種全味的芳香蜂蜜,帶有一束獨特的花種的香氣和口味。 甜度平衡, 怡人芳香,可能因季節而異。它是最適合作為餐桌用,作為一種甜味劑用於飲料,吐司或撘配各種成熟芝士。


Pure Origins Australian Wild Raw Organic Honey is sourced from South Australia’s most pristine and remote wilderness, with some of the world’s cleanest air and water. This remote region is home to many native Australian eucalypt trees, clover and ground flora which the bees feed off the blossoms collecting the nectar to create this natural raw organic honey. Our Wild Raw honey is certified organic, single origin (not mixed) and raw.

Our Wild Raw Honey has a delicious sweet, mild flavor suitable for all honey uses. Perfect alternative to Sugar. Try using in your stir-fries, cake recipes, in smoothies and cups of tea.

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Made in Australia